welcome! karst building 1 is launched! hurry!

Karst, The company

 Praise be to Allah, I have recently started Karst for Real Estate Development, an Ajman-based company which aims to develop the first freehold residential buildings in Ajman.

Karst Buildings are to be located in Ajman Global City project which is positioned on the intersection of Sheikh Mohammed Bin 

Zayed Road with Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road. 

Karst for Real Estate Development Construction L.L.C is a registered developer in the Emirate of Ajman under trade license number 98575 and certified from Ajman Land Department to practice the activity of real estate development within all freehold areas in Ajman under registration number SPT/12-18/016.

Karst, our mission

We believe that the best and most valuable investment we could make is in solving a problem for society. Our vision is to adding value to the community. 

Our mission at Karst Real Estate Development is to work hand in hand with people to flourish the real estate market in the UAE and change its landscape, by creating an environment where everyone participates to elevate our community. 




We saw the potential in Ajman Global City and its strategic location, so we decided to try going from our project location to Downtown Dubai during rush hour. We found out that due to Ajman Global City direct access to Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road, we were able to avoid all traffic lights and traffic congestions within cities (Sharjah & Ajman). As a result, we were able to make it to Downtown Dubai in 50 minutes only! Whereas takes people 2+ hours! 

We documented the trip, please find it below. 

A Trip from Karst Building 1 to Dubai During Rush Hour

emirate of ajman


 It is known that Dubai is one of the most active cities in the UAE as well as the most attractive to tourists which make property prices and lifestyle costly. As a result, most expats tend to stay in nearby Emirates, such as Ajman.

Therefore, Ajman offers 8.4% rental yield in apartment segment which is considered the highest in UAE. Moreover, studies show that a 3.8% yearly increase will take place in the coming 3 years (According to Arabian Business).

This makes Ajman a smart long-term investment opportunity. 



 This is where my first project, Karst Building 1, is located. In Ajman Global City which is positioned directly on the intersection of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road with Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Road.

This makes coming and going to Dubai easy and smooth as it allows people to avoid all traffic congestion and traffic lights within cities.

As a result, the infamous Sharjah > Dubai traffic congestion dilemma isn’t much of a problem anymore! 

ajman global city

Consists of residential and commercial buildings, towers, parks, mosques, and a mall. The project is:


- 15 minutes away from Sharjah International Airport. 

- 25 minutes away from Dubai  International Airport. 

- 35 minutes away from Downtown Dubai.  

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