Price list - Karst Building 1


  • Retail shops prices start from AED 197,500 with an area of 212.60 Sqft.
  • 2 Bedroom prices start from AED 392,000 with an area of 857.7 Sqft.
  • 1 Bedroom prices start from AED 363,000 with an area of 713.64 Sqft. 

return on investment (ROI)


According to Arabian Business, real estate market in the UAE is forecast to grow by 3.8% over the next four years. As a result, it is recommended for buyers of full building to rent it out for three years then sell in the fourth year to maximize the return on investment as shown in the schedule.



Handover is a year from the down payment date, and payments are scheduled monthly throughout the construction phase.  

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